Gharany Group of Companies, established under the regulations of the Ministry of Mines and Industries of Afghanistan, is a prominent investor contributing significantly to the country's economic growth and global partnerships. Specializing in the extraction of a diverse range of minerals and resources, including precious metals, rare earth elements, gemstones, and industrial minerals, we employ cutting-edge machinery, advanced technologies, and highly skilled professionals for efficient and environmentally conscious resource extraction.

Our expertise spans various mining techniques, such as underground mining, open-pit mining, and artisanal mining, tailored to the specific requirements of each project. With a successful track record of completing over 10 mining projects, extracting minerals like Talc, Mica, Lead, Lapis, and Gold, we have operated in regions such as Badakhshan, Panjshir, Bamiyan, Kunar, and Nooristan. Having served more than 20 satisfied customers, we are poised and ready to engage in new mining contracts, contributing further to Afghanistan's prosperity.

Stone Slabs Manufacturing Factory:

In the heart of Kabul city’s industrial parks, Gharany Group’s manufacturing factory stands tall as an enduring cornerstone of Afghanistan’s craftsmanship and luxury. Established with a visionary investment, the factory has become a symbol of excellence, specializing in the production of lapis lazuli, Onyx, Marble, and Jade Stone.

Gharany Group of Companies’ manufacturing factory is a pioneer, being the largest and most renowned facility dedicated to crafting exquisite items such as Semi-Precious Stone Slab, Nobel Decorative Items. With a meticulous production process, the factory offers a wide array of half-priced creations, tailored for adorning palaces, dream houses, official offices, embassies, and more.

Decorative Item Factory:

Gharany Decorative Item Factory stands as a prominent manufacturer of decorative items in Afghanistan, commencing its operations in Kabul city in 2023. The core mission of this factory is to revive Afghanistan's traditional handicrafts and provide support to the talented artists and artisans of the country.

Carpet Weaving Factory:

Stands as one of the most reputable and largest carpet weaving establishments in Afghanistan, distinguished by its wealth of experience and expertise, making it an exemplary entity in the carpet weaving industry. Established in the heart of Kabul city in 2023, this factory has swiftly carved out a distinctive position in the Afghan carpet weaving landscape.

Luxury Furniture Factory:

In the vibrant industrial symphony of Kabul, one establishment rises above the rest, a testament to discerning vision– the Gharany Luxury Manufacturing Factory. This monolith of craftsmanship stands not merely as a production facility, but as a cultural icon, the sole and unparalleled conductor of luxury within the borders of Afghanistan.

Handicrafts Factory:

A repository of Afghan art and culture commenced its operations in the heart of Kabul city in 2023 with the noble objective of revitalizing Afghanistan's traditional handicrafts and providing support to the talented artists and artisans of the nation. Within this factory, precious and semi-precious stones, along with wool and Afghan fabrics, are skillfully utilized to craft exquisite and distinctive products. The factory's workforce comprises skilled and experienced artists and craftsmen who execute their work

Oil and Gas

In recent years, Gharany Group of Companies has achieved a milestone in the realm of high-return natural capital – the completion of a lucrative gas investment project in the United Arab Emirates. This venture stands as one of the most productive projects within the group, showcasing our commitment to success in the dynamic energy sector.

Gharany Group of companies’ strategic dedication to excellence are evident in the successful execution of this gas project. As natural capital continues to yield high returns, our foray into the UAE's energy landscape positions investors for a journey into profitability and sustainability.


With a proud legacy of over 15 years, Gharany Group of Companies stands tall in the construction sector, embodying excellence and accomplishment. Our commitment to quality and innovation positions us as industry trailblazers, consistently delivering on large-scale projects.

An exemplar of our capabilities is the construction of Kabul's largest shopping malls, strategically placed in the heart of the city. Gharany Group's expertise not only transforms skylines but symbolizes successful execution in complex and impactful developments.

Hotel and Hospitality

Located in Kabul's heart is a distinguished five-star hotel, renowned for its elegance and sophistication. Catering to high-profile clients, including government officials and international guests, this establishment epitomizes luxury and comfort. Meticulously crafted interiors and impeccable service blend lavishness with convenience. The allure lies not only in potential financial gains but also in contributing to Kabul's transformation into a global destination. Join the story of investing in a haven where luxury and strategic location converge, shaping Kabul's prosperous future.


Gharany Group, a leading conglomerate in Afghanistan, is committed to unlocking the potential of the nation's rich gemstone industry through its subsidiary, Gharany Gemstone. Established in 2022 with a $50 million investment, Gharany Gemstone holds the distinction of being the first legal gemstone company in Afghanistan. This crucial step established a foundation of transparency and accountability within the industry, ensuring fair trade practices for both international buyers and local miners and artisans. By setting a new standard for ethical sourcing, Gharany is fostering responsible mining practices and contributing to economic growth in the region.

Gharany Gemstone delves deep into the heart of Afghanistan's gem-rich soil, sourcing and trading exquisite rough stones like emerald, ruby, tourmaline, spinel, and a dazzling array of precious and semi-precious jewels. Their expertise lies in identifying the finest natural treasures, ensuring consistent quality and authenticity for discerning buyers. By connecting miners with international markets, Gharany Gemstone plays a pivotal role in unlocking the potential of Afghanistan's hidden brilliance.

Gharany Group's vision extends beyond profit. By promoting ethical practices, creating jobs, and empowering communities, Gharany Gemstone is contributing to the social and economic development of Afghanistan. Every sparkling gem unearthed represents not just beauty, but also resilience, hope, and the boundless potential of the Afghan people.


Gharany Group of Companies, a leader in diversified investments, entered the world of exquisite experiences in 2023 with its stunning showroom. This architectural masterpiece, exceeding $1 million in investment, transcends mere product display. It's a canvas for Gharany's commitment to luxury home decor, showcasing handcrafted furniture, dazzling semi-precious stone slabs, and hand-woven carpets each a whisper of timeless elegance and unmatched quality. The showroom offers a glimpse into Gharany's manufacturing prowess, inviting curious eyes to witness the meticulous journey from raw materials to breathtaking final pieces. With a vision for international expansion, Gharany's showroom paints a captivating picture of not just luxury, but a promising future brimming with exquisite design and boundless potential.

A desire to lead when others follow. A passion to make a positive impact in all we do. A dream to create the ultimate customer experience. After 13 years, these beliefs still hold true in the working ethos of Gharany Group.